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We inspire, develop and enable MUMS to have successful DIGITAL-TECH CAREERS.

We support your successful return to work or your new career with online-courses and mentoring.
Get prepared in a timely and purposeful way for an impactful return without stressing out.

Confidence, self-esteem and knowledge are the basis for a successfull career.
Together we will work on getting you in the right mindset, upgrade your qualifications and your negotiation skills.

Proven experts with extensive experience guide you on your path.
Our extensive network enables us to introduce you to the job of your dreams.

Our community, our library and our freebies will get you a solid overview to locate yourself on your unique career-path. Our courses and mentors will help to update your skills and make the best of your potential.

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DIGITAL-TECH SKILLS are simple, fun and easy to learn! Start today to gain insight and confidence to develop a high paid, family friendly career within digital-tech.

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Re-Invent your Career in Digital Tech

With our Digital Learning Circle

Our Digital Learning Circle has 12 weekly learning & Mentoring Session to empower you to return to work with confidence

Instead of going through each course separatly and alone, you profit from higher accountabilty, additonal support and mentoring in our Digital Learning Circle.  Each Learning Circle is guided by a moderator and mentor and meets weekly online. The Learning Circle for the Re-Invention Phase -your starting point for starting a new career and geting back to work  – consists of these three courses:


Don’t Postpone Your Dreams

I love one dutch saying: if you don’t shoot, you will always miss your target.

You are not the only one who lacks confidence or clarity…We have been there where you are now. If you want to be on a different place next year at this time, take the initiative and book a call with an experienced mentor. We are here to help you.

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How it works

Created for Mums by Mums

Our collective experiences have allowed us to shape, curate and collate an abundance of material which will help Mothers, either returning to work or currently at work, build and shape the career of their choice.

Building Skills and Experience

We have built our training, knowledge area, mentoring programmes and career advice with one goal in mind; to give you the skills and experience you need to flourish in the workplace. No matter what level you’re starting from, you’ll find your skills, knowledge and confidence dramatically increase in no time at all.

Every Step You Take

Once you join our community we’ll be with you every step you take, providing support, mentorship, knowledge and training based solutions to keep you on track. Furthermore, you’ll discover how, when acting together, our community becomes a fantastic asset to help you deal with just about anything the world throws at you!