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Too many women in tech are trapped in between doubts, insecurity and a uncertainty at the end of their career break. They can´t imagine anymore to accomplish and push through the requirements of a sophisticated job.
It feels strange and unreal. They are not sure if they want all that back. Or if they are able to get through a normal day at the office. Are their skills sufficient? Are they able to pass the interview at all?
Don´t worry. We all know these feelings. We all started there.

The three phases of a job return

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Digtial Learning Cicles

The most effective way to your dream job


As you have seen in above slideshow, the process of returning to work consists of three important phases and we developed the Digital Employabilty Skills Roadmap to guide you directly to your new career.

Because we know it can be daunting starting out with nowhere to go. Its confidence draining seeing others go onto bigger and better things. It can even be scary to sit down and write a CV let alone attend an interview for the first time in so many years.

However, that doesn’t have to be you. In fact, this will be the opposite of you. Our fast-track programs will get you up to speed so quickly people around you will wonder where the extra spark and energy has come from! And the most effective – and the most fun way – to use these fast-track programs, while going the steps of the process back to work – are our Digital Learning Circles.

In Our Digital Learning Circles you get the full dose of Support and mentoring that you need and you have the advantage of not being alone but surrounded with like-minded women.

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Fast Track Programms

If you don´t want the extra guidance and group support from our Learning Circles, you can book the ecourses separatly.