We place knowledge sharing, mentoring and support at the heart of our community.

Restarters in Digital-Tech (WITA Slack Groups)

We fully understand that, as a MOTHER, or as a WOMEN IN TECH you will have different challenges and commitments to consider when returning to work, whether that’s part-time or full-time.
It’s important to consider though that you are not alone and you’re not the first to walk down this path. Your emotions before you return have all been experienced by other women. The challenges you face once you return have again all been faced by others.
Sharing our knowledge and experiences is one of the most positive actions that can be taken by women looking to re-launch their career. This vast support network will prove invaluable – and ensure you don’t feel as if you’re on your own.
This is why we’ve launched our “WITA Slack Groups”. A closed group, this will give you the opportunity to share your concerns, questions and also provide advice. With every step you take into the unknown you’ll be reassured and pick up great advice on how to relaunch your career.
Join our community today.
Benefits of this community:

  • get inspired by other like-minded moms
  • profit from social learning
  • increase your confidence, don’t feel lonely
  • learn from other’s experiences and failures

Our Partners

The Women in Tech Academy aims to work in partnership with businesses and organisations who value the role that working parents can play within their company.
We are particularly looking to work with organisations who provide local employment opportunities to parents who have been out of the job market for a while.

Our partnership opportunities include:

  • Providing training courses to our community
  • Providing returnship work placements to our community
  • Hiring moms from our community
  • Commercial sponsorship
  • Additional services which fit the ethos and values of your company

Our partnership programme will be of particular interest to organisations who have, or who are seeking to build their corporate social responsibility activities.

If you are interested in working with us please contact to arrange a time to discuss further.