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Gender-equality for Women in Tech Consulting

Businesses which place gender equality at the heart of the work culture have repeatedly seen increases in engagement and productivity levels within its workforce. Therefore, those businesses which ignore gender are at a huge economic and strategic business risk.
It’s important to consider the next generation of workers, such as those about to leave school or graduate from university, have grown up in a generation where diversity is normal, and equality is expected.
If your business isn’t set up to accommodate gender equality then your young, talented and highly motivated employees will vote with their feet and move on to your competitors.

Our solutions for gender-equality in tech
We recognise however that change can be slow, costly and indeed confusing for businesses. For example, where do you start to change the culture and promote gender equality?
Our consultancy services have been designed to help organisations of any size to reform and identify a clear roadmap for change.

Keynote speech: Mind the Gap in Tech / Debugging UB-Bias in Tech
One of the most popular and effective routes to begin change is for us to come into your workplace and provide a keynote speech to your employees.
With the experience of delivering presentations to audiences big and small, we’re able to effectively engage and start to begin the process of change within your employees.
The keynote speech is often the first point of contact before embarking on a series of workshops and programs designed to promote gender equality. Change does take time and this keynote speech marks the beginning.

Keynote: Debugging Unconscious Bias in Tech

available in english and german language

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Impact Workshop for Managers : Debugging Unconscious Bias in Tech

Line managers are a critical factor in executing effective cultural change in an organisation. They represent the culture and vision of senior management and are responsible for delivering the day-to-day success within your organisation.
We can produce online or offline workshops catered to your exact needs to debug unconscious bias which often holds back cultural change within an organisation. By engaging several managers at once the cumulative effect will be significant.

If your business needs to engage on a cultural change to promote gender equality and help retain highly talented and valuable staff then please contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve this.

Impact Workshop for Managers

Debuggin Unconscious Bias in Tech
available in english and german language


Young Leaders Coaching for developing and leading gender-equal teams

We typically think of young business leaders as high-flying late 20s or early 30s professionals who have achieved successes beyond the limits of their peers.
The term young leaders can also be applied to any junior or middle manager who leads and coaches a team within an organisation.

Businesses need to hire the best talent to succeed – and working mothers make up a significant proportion of the available talent pool.

But young leaders may not have the maturity of experience of managing employees who have the unique responsibilities working parents have to deal with.

However, our experience in organising returnship programmes and placing working mothers into organisations allows us to provide young leaders with the necessary skills to effectively manage all members of their team. A one size all doesn’t, and never will, work.
Furthermore, it provides an invaluable learning opportunity as it’s inevitable young leaders will continue to rise within the business to more senior positions.

If your business has young leaders who would benefit from this unique coaching to help develop their skills then please contact us today to discuss further.

Connecting with digital talent-pool

Women returning to the workplace after a career break possess a unique set of skills which will provide a valuable asset to any business seeking to recruit the best talent on the market.
Working mothers – or those about to return to the workplace – will have developed a unique set of personable skills which not only complement their existing technical skills but also help create a positive working environment for all employees. Committed, hard-working and approachable – working mothers consistently add value to businesses across the world.

What’s more, you have access to a talent pool which is just coming back onto the market. This is particularly a cost-effective yet lucrative opportunity to cherry pick amazing talent without having to compensate recruiters or negotiate contract settlements.

Please contact us to discuss the skills and personalities you’re looking to attract into your business and in return we’ll provide you with some amazing talent to take your business to the next level.


Our employer’s knowledge library has been created to provide you with good practices, invaluable advice, information and knowledge which will help your business attract and retain the best talent.
We believe that only by sharing knowledge, case studies and best practice will we keep on learning and developing successful working environments which bring out the best of our employees.
Furthermore, we also encourage employers to share with us some of their best practices to enable the practical sharing of knowledge. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.
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